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Fidonet Individual Systems

  • Basic Uses Of Computer Bulletin Boards
    What Is A Computer Bulletin Board? - Uses of BBS - Short History Of BBSes
  • BBS: A Documentary
    Information about the film being made during 2002/2003. Includes details of research, interview schedules, audio, and a donation facility.
  • The BBS Corner
    Source of information for both the BBS Sysop and the BBS User. Links to 3rd party software and primary software developers.
  • Bbs Networks and Hafa Adai Exchange
    A large archive of 1/2 million shareware files. Multiple BBS type Networks including Fido Rime Wildnet plus interactive gaming.
  • BBS Promotions
    Provides a resource describing the what, when, where, who, why and how of BBSing.
  • BBS Xchange
    Banner exchange for BBS-related sites.
  • ILink International Echomail Network
    Information on BBSs, conferences, resources for sysops, and BBS listings. Supporting Wildcat!, PCBoard, RemoteAccess, Synchronet, and TriBBS.
  • Official Intelec Home Page
    The official Intelec Network Home Page. Intelec is an international BBS echomail network.
  • OOL's links for Sysops
    Includes a lot of defunct links, but also has some useable, useful ones.
  • RelayNet International Message Exchange The RelayNet International Message Exchange, RIME, is one of the oldest BBS online communities. It has now evolved into an Internet community, linking people together and still maintaining its BBS family atmosphere and roots.
  • Sysops' Corner
    BBS resources for most commonly used BBS software.
  • SysOp's Universe
    BBS resources available for downloading.
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