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  • Alife +
    Artificial Life links: research groups, individuals, institutions, resource pages, software - tools, simulation and analysis packages, and bibliographies.
  • A-life Links
    An extensive list of alife resources compiled by Lachlan Cranswick.
    Promotes the artificial life community by offering news, discussions, polls, software. Free registration.
  • Aritificial Life FAQ
    From the newsgroup
  • Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Life
    Links to artificial life/intelligence projects, with a collection of links including swarming Java applets.
  • Artificial Life and Other Experiments
    Artificial life and genetic algorithm experiments in java and tcl with free source code; 3D doll pictures and web design experiments.
  • Artificial Life by Jpr
    Some of the main alife topics illustrated by applets or applications. A link section is also available.
  • Artificial Life Games
    Developer of artificial life games as free software with open source code - download the game and source code.
  • Artificial Life Guide
    Stewart Dean's introduction to artificial life.
  • Artificial Life Links
    Erik Max Francis' categorized list of links to sites regarding artificial life and related fields.
  • Artificial Life: Links and Literature
    Collected by Kerstin Dautenhahn.
  • Artificial Life OnLine 2.0
    An Artificial Life Community, combining different information resources on both the academic and amateur alife research.
  • Artificial Life: Some Collections
    Links to new research and emerging issues.
  • ATR - Human Information Processing Research Labs
    Home of Tierra, "Robokoneko" (robot child cat) and some of the most exciting real world alife work around.
  • Aut?matas Celulares/Cellular Automata
    Some theoretical and practical aspects about Cellular Automata, complex dynamical systems based on local interactions and with global emergent properties.
    A group project exploring living 3D asthetic worlds.
  • Boids: A Distributed Behavioral Model
    Simulations of group motion in flocks, herds, and schools, along with related phenomena. Includes many links to related applications and research, e.g. Artificial Life.
  • CALresCo - Complexity and Alife Research and information
    CALResCo promotes free world-wide education about Complex Systems
  • CALT Encyclopedia -- Artificial Life
    A collection of resources related to artificial life. Includes a section for social sciences (social micro-simulation)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions
  • Computer Simulation of Societies
    A library of links maintained by the Centre for Research on Simulation in the Social Sciences, University of Surrey.
  • Digital Biology
    Digital Biology was established in order to conduct research into, and develop technology based on, artificial life.
  • EvoWeb - European Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing
    Comprehensive information resources for the field of evolutionary computing.
  • Geb - Evolving AI-Life
    Alastair Channon's artificial life project.
  • Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life Resources
    A list maintained at Carleton University.
  • Get A-Life
    An overview essay on some aspects of artificial life.
  • glAnts
    A sourceforge project for a combination game and simulation that allows interaction with simple artificial ants.
  • Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation
    The FAQ for, the genetic computing newsgroup.
  • International Society for Adaptive Behavior
    An international scientific society devoted to education and furthering research on adaptive behavior in animals, animats, software agents, and robots.
  • ISAAC and EINSTein
    An AL approach to land warfare. Windows beta software, images and project documentation.
  • Lotus Artificial Life
    Contains various java applications related to artificial life.
  • Ms Guidance on Artificial Life
    Links and resources.
  • New Scientist: AI and A-Life
    A authoritative guide to the topics from the UK science magazine.
  • The Temple of Alife
    A good designed site with many interactive applets introducing you to artificial life.
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