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Past Conferences

  • ALENEX04
    Worskhop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments. Held in conjunction with ANALCO04 and SODA04. New Orleans, LA, USA; 10 January 2004.
  • ALGO 2004 Symposium and Workshops
    Includes ESA 2004; WABI 2004; WAOA 2004; IWPEC 2004; ATMOS 2004. Bergen, Norway; 14--17 September 2004.
  • ANALCO04
    The First Workshop on Analytic Algorithmics and Combinatorics. Held in conjunction with ALENEX04 and SODA04. New Orleans, LA, USA; 10 January 2004.
  • AWOCA 2004
    15th Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms. Ballina Beach Resort, New South Wales, Australia; 7--9 July 2004.
  • ESA 2004
    12th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms. Part of ALGO'04. Bergen, Norway; 14--17 September 2004.
    International Workshop on Parameterized and Exact Computation. Next meeting: co-located with ALGO 2004 in Bergen, Norway; 14--17 September 2004.
  • SIGACT Theory Calendar
    A list of conferences in Algorithms and Computation Theory maintained by Sriram V. Pemmaraju. Available in HTML, PS, PDF.
  • SODA04
    ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms. New Orleans, LA, USA; 11--13 January 2004.
  • WEA 2004
    III Workshop on Efficient and Experimental Algorithms. Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 25--28 May 2004.
  • Workshop on Algorithms And Data Structures
    Held in odd-numbered years, alternately with the Scandinavian Workshop of Algorithm Theory. Most recent meeting: Ottawa, Canada; 30 July -- 1 August 2003.
  • Workshop on Dynamic Algorithms and Applications
    Following SODA04. New Orleans, LA, USA; 14 January 2004.
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